Nuori Border 2015 tuomarin Roman Trojkan esittely


Roman Trojka is hunter and lover of dogs, hunting dogs primarily. He will be 40 years old this year and he is trainer of hunting dogs from his 18 years of age.
Roman is also judge for hunting exams for 17 years already and from 2010 he is also official judge for border terriers on dog shows.
Roman started his „dog life“ with breeds of pointers, but he fell in love with border terriers some years later. He bought his first female of border terrier in 1993 and has had first litter in 1994. From that time Roman has bred 26 litters. Roman's breeding idea is to connect strong hunting temperament with the beauty and health of these little dogs. He doesn't like the opinion, that beautiful dog, successful on dog shows, is not able to work good. And he very often says that he needs to breed beautiful dogs for himself because he has to look on them for whole life, not only work with them.

Jana, Roman's wife, has her first border terrier female from 2004. The reason for having this breed for her was desire to have a great small dog for agility. She has met with Roman because necessity to help with training for hunting exams. Jana has her own kennel named Kham-Mi and she bred 6 litters till now. Jana is also judge for hunting exams for several years and her breeding idea is very similar to Roman's – to breed beautiful healthy dogs with excellent temperament for hunting, sport and family life.

Jana and Roman have connected their breeding and breed border terriers together. Puppies from their kennels live in 15 countries of the World and they both bred many show champions and famous hunting border terriers.