The Finnish Border Terrier Club's Year 2008

The Finnish Year sorts itself out into a hectic Summer Season when we have all the open air Shows between May and September. The rest of the year we are driven indoors by the weather. On the whole the year was kind to us for the outdoor shows. The World Show was an added extra to the Scandinavian Program along with it's satellite Breed Club Shows. The Club's own year again consisted of the two Club Show along with the Agility and Obedience and Character testing activities. Something for every Member to participate in.

This year the comments that Anne Roslin-Williams made after reading the 2007 articles on the Character Testing has caused some heartburn. The aim of the Charater Testing is to retain the correct Border Temperament. It is meant not just for Guard Dogs but where the temperament/character is going in all Breeds. In this test we measure the ability of the dogs to act in different situation and how they return to normal behavior patterns. The will to defend is not wanted/hope for in a Border.The normal Terrier goes behind the owner if they meet a robber, and tells the owner to handle the situation. This is the way we want the Border to be. In the same situation the return from stress is measured when the robber throws away the stick, and goes towards the dog. A Border usually wags it's tail and forgets the bad situation telling that I guessed that you were just joking. This is the way we want our dogs to react. The strength of the Border's Nerve is usually good and can stand some pressure. What is most important is that they return to their normal behavior very quickly. If the dog in the test situation should be nervous and depressed, and doesn't revert to normal very quickly, this is a very important knowledge for the Breeder. Compared to many other Breeds the Border Terriers character Test Results are excellent. This is just what we want our dogs to be, so that they have the ability to act correctly in our society.

The World Agility Championships were held in Helsinki in at the end of September. The Agility Mini-class Finnish Masters were Janne Karstunen and "Toffe" Junipermoor's Diamond (Grindstones Home-Brew x Bordrock's Lizz' Odette). Unfortunately in the World Agility Championship no Finnish dog won.

Our Championship Show was on 12.7.2008 at the Sight Hound Racing Track again. An ideal venue on grass where we have an area to ourselves. This year Sally Leslie (Dogs) and John Bainbridge (Bitches and BIS) were the judges. It was a great day again and a good entry. BIS was the bitch Pajunen's Heathberry's Smart Move (Heathberry's Better By Far x Orenberg Night Pixie) and the best dog Jyllilä's Dundarroch Frostbite (Foxforest Prince Charming x Gameway Ysobel). In Veterans Best was the bitch Foxforest Go For It (Foxforest Light The Sky x Foxforest Going For Gold). Grindstones Home-Brew (Glenbucket Scot's Sodger x Plushcourt Pleasure) was the best vet dog. In Puppies Best was the dog Janson's Dundarroch Stare If You Dare (Irade's Super Hessu x Dundarroch Ultimate Luxury) and the bitch winner Hyytiä's Matchmeadow's Seaman (Terras Trump Card x Matchmeadow's Wild Rose).

In the World Show In Sweden the Finnish dogs made a good showing, and BOB went to Pajunen's bitch Heathberry's Smart Move.

Our Young Border Day Show on the 31.8.2008 was also at the Sight Hound Racing Track. We had two of the newer Judges officiating in Annukka Paloheimo (dogs) and Juha Palosaari (bitches & BIS). The Heathberry's made a clean sweep of all the awards and Best Breeders Group.


BOB was Weckman and Tulonen's Heathberry's One Step Ahead (Roziedor Apple of My Eye x Heathberry's Silver Bullet) and best bitch Ståhlberg's Hearthberry's Fancy Footwork who are litter mates.

Colin A.Smith